Price for the Community Management agency

Designation Starter Premium Ultimum
Number of social media 3 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) 5 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, YouTube) 5 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, YouTube)
Creation of social media professional pages / profiles X X X
Post + image 1/week 2/ week 2/ week
Post + video 2/ week 2/ week
Development of schedules X X X
Moderation of pages X
Quizzes X
Storytelling X
Website update 3/month 3/month
Blog posts 2/month 2/month
Advertising campaign 1/ month
NewsLetter 1/ month 1/ month
Monitoring and sharing Post Post and Share Post and share with recommendations
Performance report 1/month 1/month 1/month
Costs / month from 30 000 to 200 000 frs/month from 250000 to 500 000 /month from 550,000 Quote request


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